"Liverpool’s Crosby Beach Is a Mile of World War II Blitz Rubble" Discussion Thread

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How in the world did Germany get the drop on England and Japan, on the United States?

The assumption that the building rubble visible on the inner foreshore at the North end of Crosby beach is the left over’s from WW2 is incorrect. I was born and brought up in Crosby, and clearly remember that during the late Fifties through the 1960’s and into the 70’s various builders and contractors deposited hard core brick, stone and rubble alone this area of coastline, the local council allowed this practice because it was a no cost way to them to slow down the coastal erosion in that area. Yes there probably was some material dumped there during WW2 but that I can assure you has long since been reduced to fine grit. To assume that what is visible today is leftovers from WW2 is completely incorrect.

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