Living Room Hike

When most people think about hiking, they think about getting off the couch. However, the Living Room Trail in Utah leads hikers on a 2.5 mile journey to….a living room. The family-friendly hike ascends 830 feet, before ending at the summit (aka “The Living Room”), where rocks have been artificially placed into the shapes of couches, chairs, and yes, even a remote control. The city of Salt Lake provides the high definition experience as the living room offers sweeping views of the entire city all the way out to the Great Salt Lake. However, it can also be a sobering experience as the “inversion” (a layer of smog and pollutants) is often visible from the living room’s perch- reminding hikers of the sobering reality that is the Salt Lake valley’s major pollution problem.

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maybe now during Coronatime you could see further?