Logan Airport 9/11 Memorial

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[Update: July 9, 2019. Massport has cut a hole in the wall of the garage mentioned in the blog post below. You no longer have to go through the Hilton. From Terminal A, take the skyway to the garage, and then the elevator to level 1. As you exit the elevator bay, turn right and you’ll see the cut-out in the wall. As of July 9, it still looked like a work in progress, but Massport is clearly trying to make it easier find with signage and a new walkway.

I’ve learned not to trust addresses or GPS locations in Atlas Obscura, a common problem with crowd-sourced information especially for things that are described as “hard to find”. The direction on the blog link included in the description (Directions to the 9/11 Memorial At Logal International Airport) are correct, but the address and GPS location are wrong on this listing.]

The correct GPS is 42.366262, -71.022565 and the closest street address is for the Hilton Hotel at Logan Airport, 1 Hotel Dr, Boston, MA 02128.

Hey @hyland, I’m sorry for the incorrect information, but I appreciate your clarification. I’ve updated the coordinates on the place page at this time. Thanks again for the correction!

Thanks, Eric!

Hi Eric, I added some additional information, that seems to be stuck in limbo for this site. There are new directions to find the memorial, which are much easier and which I posted 12 days ago according Akismet. Any chance you or your colleagues can review it? When I was there 12 days ago, Boston Logan staff had just completed cutting a hole in the concrete wall of a garage to provide easier access, rather than traipsing through the Hilton as a blogger suggested (linked in the original article). You could tell it was a fresh cut, because the concrete saws were nearby). There was no caution tape or “do not enter” sign. I just waltzed through. Boston Logan has now also provided signage to this new hole in the garage wall. In my 20 minutes there, I saw or heard, no other people, cars, or airplanes. I don’t know how they did that, given it’s location. (I did see one airplane on the path to the memorial, though.)

Thanks for looking into the delay!

EricGrundhauserCommunity Editor



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Hi Eric, have you or someone else been able to review why my comments where flagged by Askimet? The new path to the memorial is much easier. Maybe it was the annotated screen shot I included (from Google Maps) that violated terms, since it wasn’t my original photo, but the written info should still be correct.


Hey again @hyland! I’m not sure exactly why Askimet flagged your previous post, it could have been the image or the speed at which the post was entered (a common reason for mistaken flags), but it’s live now so all users can see it.