Looking for Old Records of the Battle Creek Sanitarium

I am looking for the old records of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, specifically for records pertaining to John W. Poe, who was a patient at the Sanitarium and died on July 17, 1923. Were any of the records on patients saved? If so, where are those records today? Poe is important as he rode with Sheriff Pat Garrett, the night Garrett killed Billy the Kid. Please help me find Poe’s records at this place.

Would this be the same Battle Creek made famous by Kellogg? Would love to help if i can

Yes. This was the home of the SEventh Day Adventist Church, of which Kellogg was a prominent member, and a major force in finding vegan-health conscious treatments for all kinds of diseases. For a while, this Sanitarium rivaled Mayo Clinic in national prestige for curing diseases. The Sanitarium when bankrupt during Great Depression and closed down, eventually the buildings were sold to U.S. Army. Am hoping their medical records, especially patient records, were preseved rather than destroyed. Bob

Gotcha, Im not 100 percent sure you’ll find what your looking for in here, but could lead to some other avenues

This one is an annual report https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015071543501&view=1up&seq=193

And a few more reports from 1910 -1920 I believe: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uiug.30112038105000&view=1up&seq=5

Hope these help somehow, and never forget Charlie Post stole his cereal recipe from his time at Battle Creek lol

These did not provide patient lists or deaths of patients in 1923, as John W. Poe did die there in that year.