Looking for tips on planning an African Safari

I’ve been trying to plan a safari for myself and a friend, I’ve seen some posting on Trip Advisor that basically says you can get everything for half the cost if you book directly as opposed to booking through an American Company. So far I’ve been unable to afford a 2 1/2 week safari and I’d love to do some reasearch and get some recommendations for guides, tours, etc.



Hi Gilian - My wife and I went to Selous Reserve, and I can’t say enough about it. We spent 5 days at Serena Camp (you can use their website to book). In my opinion the reserve is better than other more popular destinations as you’ll be unlikely to find another human being around, but still plenty of animals.
Our guide was a chap called Abel. Very knowledgeable, and excellent at spotting animals, dealing with obstacles along the way, and accommodating requests. The accommodation can be described as glamping. Good food, great staff, relaxed atmosphere . . . feel free to ask if you need more specific info.

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