Lord Burden Powell's(Founder of scouts)Grave Tomb in Kenya,Nyeri Town

The 1st Baron of scouts,Luetenant Lord Baden-powell is a national monument located in Nyeri Town.
Baden-Powell, who knew and liked Kenya, decided to start wintering in Nyeri at his friend, Eric Sherbrooke Walker.He chose Kenya as his last home because of favorable climate and the political situation in Europe. Baden-Powell knew his health was failing and planned accordingly. He said, “I’d rather die in Africa, where my heart is, than anywhere”. His will stipulated that he was to be buried in Nyeri, eschewing the tomb allotted to him in Westminster Abbey. IMG_20210110_114250 He left final letters for Scouts and Scouters, and made plans for his burial.
His death was world-wide news.Speaking for Canada, Prime Minister called it, “a loss which will be felt throughout the civilized world”. He also said, “The Boy Scout movement will in itself be his enduring memorial”

When Baden-Powell’s wife, Olave, died on 25 June 1977, she was cremated and her ashes taken to Kenya for interment at the Baden-Powell graves.A memorial service was subsequently held for them in.The memorial stone is in the south aisle of the nave of Westminster Abbey, against the screen of St George’s chapel and was unveiled on 12 February 1981