Louisiana Russian Cake

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I worked in a bakery and made these all the time,
As a cake decorator, I would take cakes that did not sell and mix them in a bowl with a few fresh cakes and freshly made jelly that was still a little warm and some rum extract, I could not use real rum in case children ate the cake. Then I would place in a parchment lined wooden box slicing cake on the bottom then the mixture and more slice cake on top, cover it with a lid then put weight on top to bring the cake solid again over night,
Icing the cake and sprinkle with non pareils, slice the cake to serve.


That sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing!

Love to get in store or online, can one sample in LA??

Interesting way to re-purpose cakes! ThanksProBake

I used to buy this at a bakery on Carrollton Ave (NOLA) in the 70’s.