Love Canal Containment Zone

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My Grandfather was one of the people who had to work on building the now shut down school on the Love Canal. Since both my mom and I lived there with my grandparents at that time, I do remember what happened. He would only be allowed to work when the ground was frozen solid in the harsh sub zero winters of that region. (in that area of the country construction is NEVER done in the winter) Every night he would come home sick, smelling of all sorts of nasty chemicals. He would tell us of working in clouds of sickening multicolored vapors rising from the ground in sub zero temps and making many of his work crew so sick they needed to go to the local hospital. He expressed his worry of the safety of the kids that would be going to the school they were building. My grandfather was very ill the whole time he worked there. Although nobody thought much of it at the time, as a very young child, I was always the first to hug him in a welcome home every night when he entered the door. I am sure all the toxic chemicals on his work clothes lead to a lifetime, for me as well as him, of toxic chemical overload. I have been dealing with blood poisoning and toxic chemical overload of compounds most researchers have little to no idea as to how to remove from the human body. An interesting note my grandfather, grandmother, and mother all had chemical toxicities that lead to their demise. I hope I am not another name on that list. This is all from Hooker Chemical company. May Karma and public knowledge prevent this from claiming any more lives. NEVER TRUST A CHEMICAL COMPANY!!! Please don’t visit this site as it really hasn’t been cleaned up. All they did was dump more dirt on top of it. That’s hardly a cleanup of a Superfund site!