Luther Elkins Petroglyphs


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I tried for 2.5 hours to find this site today. Followed the directions explicitly, but found no site. The railroad tracks travel for miles but there is no path leading off of them. Could someone please give better directions than the extremely lacking ones found here? I was fine knowing where to park, but from there, I covered miles and saw no path to an overhang!!



Gah, I’m sorry you weren’t able to locate the glyphs. I’ve not been there, but hopefully someone who has can chime in.



According to the map[1] this guy did on his exploration to properly debunk the “ogam” or “ogham” relationship and specifically any connection to the winter solstice you should find the sunburst marking to be across the train tracks from what appears to be a water treatment facility[2] and just north of Jacob Cook creek. Switch to satellite view on the second link and you may see more detail.

Perhaps the original poster meant 17 instead of 7? The road name and west virginia’s use of fractional signs might obfuscate this even more. I see 971/17 on the Google map. I hope you can return there and report back as I’d like to know and possibly visit. Check for any rock faces above the railway, the trail could be overgrown since that guy visited and wrote this article.

1 No Solstice Alignment at West Virginia Ogam (Ogham) Petroglyph



@malcolmsmith I’m from the area and have been there on multiple occasions, contact me sometime on here or @ whatever is convenient for you and I can help get you there.

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