Lyon restaurant recommendations


I know many of the well-known places in Lyon so I’m looking for some undiscovered gems. Ideas?

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It’s not a restaurant, but north of Lyon there’s a lovely old church dedicated to wine!

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Note sure if it’s well-known or not but the best dinner I had in Lyon was at Le Bouchon des Filles. Reservations seemed to be required, but we walked in the evening before we dined there and asked to add our name to the list and were able to eat there the next day.

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Not a restaurant reco, but Bernachon chocolates? It is, without question, the best chocolate I’ve ever had (bought some in Paris).

I have heard positive things about Daniel et Denise, which serves classic Lyonnaise dishes.

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We had a great dinner at “L’Atelier Côté Rhône.” I’d go back there. They have a website at

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