Macromural de Pachuca

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In my travels through Mexico I have had the opportunity to see this kind of murals throughout the country, and personally … I HATE THEM.

Here in Mexico, the macromural initiative was born from the “end” of the War on Drug Trafficking and social marginalization.
It is well known that in Mexico, the lower classes usually build their houses with a gray partition to make them bigger and accommodate the family inside. Not to mention that they usually appropriate nearby hills to settle illegally. Seen from a distance, all these hills are gray partitions where insecurity and the worst social problems in the country abound.

Palmitas in Pachuca is a violent and insecure area, that is why the Macromural project was born in 2014 where the neighbors were supposed to express their concerns in the work to recover the space. The original job was to collaborate together. However, the summoned artists appropriated the initiative and literally used the neighbors as labor hands (workforce)…

The project was greatly criticized in Mexico. The art critics said that it was to make up the poverty, the analysts discovered that the violence has been increasing until today and the press revealed that the 9 million pesos that the government gave for the work were never justified. Not to mention that the painting was donated.

After a year it was accepted that it was a failed project. The worst thing is that even with that result they repeated it again in several places in Mexico, but for tourist purposes (so that the conditions of poverty in which people lived near tourist places were not seen).

The macromural of Pachuca was the first, but here is a list of others:

  • In Cerro la Teresona that surrounds the Historic Center of Toluca
  • The roofs of the Moctezuma and Martires Neighborhoods, which surround the Puebla Tourist Cable Car
  • The Cerro de la Campaña in Monterrey (the largest macromural in Mexico)
  • The macromurals of Zapopan in Guadalajara (perhaps the most successful project of all because the community really collaborated)
  • In the departments of Infonavit Lomas Verdes in Tijuana

Anyway, there are almost in every state of the country (and were made between 2014 and 2018).
As a tourist, it is best to see them from afar and not enter. And for the inhabitants, the initiative left much to be desired. That’s why when I see them, they make me feel sad…

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