Maine Avenue Fish Market

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This place has brought fine memories of days visited here. All my life basically! My father was a government worker in Capitol Hill. He grew up getting seafood here! The best place to come in an urban area for Chseapeake Bay Blue Crabs. I am told today that all this may be gone or closed for waterfront renevation. There was talk that this place might disappear for the renovation? The barges were classic and well known. They all bartered for your patronage. Always look for the better deal. Crabs, fish, shrimp, scallops and exotic items could be found. You often smelled the area due to the fish. Look for the seagulls and the hustle and bustle. Parking is a tough go, unless you catch a parking place early. Non stop customers have lines of folk coming in to get seafood. Many places would cook up your seafood for you! Some of the freshest seafood around. Some of it from the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac rivers, but much trucked in from the south, Virginia and Delaware! Today, the waterfront is changing dramatically. Fine Restaurants are being built along the Potomac. I remember being able to get a bushel of crabs for about $40.00. now its probably up to $75.00 or more depending on size. The seafood market wasn’t nice and pretty like San Francisco or other places, but the charm here is how simple it is here. There used to be fishing boats which gave it a real feel of seafood, but now it is floating barges with colorful signage. This place also had some colorful characters that hung around. Many old fisherman come here to talk fishing! Word is that this sight may be moved or restored. Check it out before going to see it’s status!

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