Malaria protection in Vietnam and Angkor Wat?

We have read mixed feelings from previous travelers to Vietnam and Angkor Wat (Cambodia) regarding the need for malaria protection. We will be on a group OAT tour in November and December and are wondering which is riskier: the probability of malaria or the potential side effects of malarone medication? We did opt for typhoid protection.

The most popular destinations in Vietnam, especially towns (where you’ll likely be at dusk when mosquitoes are active) are free of malaria or have a very low risk. Siem Reap and the temples have been malaria free for several years now. However, mosquitos are very active at dusk in the Angkor complex and a repellent is useful (3M’s Ultrathon in a spray bottle is excellent).

Vietnam Malaria Prevalence Map
Vietnam Malaria Map - Fit for Travel

Cambodia Malaria Prevalence Map

Patrick Morris

I took doxycycline as a malaria preventive when I went to East Africa. I recommend you look into this if you have concerns about about taking malarone. It was quite inexpensive as well, at least via my insurance.