Maps are back! And they are great!

Just dropped in, sort of been away since the map feature changed, but as promised, they’re back and they’re better. Less glitchy on my devices.
Thank you again, AO.


How did the map feature change? Newb here.

Well… On each AO page for a particular destination, there is a small map feature. You can click on it to expand, and there is a “show more” feature. When you click on that, it shows other destinations that are in the vicinity of the original place. I have used this feature for years to plan trips. A great feature, it is.
One day, much to my chagrin, the maps feature was all but gone. There was a link that said something like “show location” which opened a different window on google maps to show the location. No more “show more”!! So I complained! I was assured that AO was on the case and working diligently to bring back the map feature better than before.
The other day I checked in and was totally stoked to see not only the maps feature back up, but now much slicker and less glitchy than it was before.
Thank you, Atlas Obscura for fixing this and once again enabling this travel junkie to explore the world.

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This is great! Very nice that they did this.

very nicw

A bit late to the party, but glad you all are enjoying this, feel free to drop any suggestions as well.

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A suggestion I’d like to put forward: additional color coding for the maps.

Take the following one for Jacob’s Ladder in Edinburgh:

The featured location is in red, with dark green marking other nearby AO places and the black cutlery mark for Gastro Obscura ones.

Would it be possible for those other places to be marked a different color for specific users depending on what they’ve marked as “Been Here” or “Want to Go”? Much like the flag, star and list icons, having the same map marker colored in teal could show places the user has been to, yellow for the ones they want to go to, etc.

The screenshot shows that in small places, with many entries clustered together, it can get confusing trying to figure out where you have already been to and plan around visiting new locations.


I agree. The way it used to be was better in this case. Before the changes, when you hovered your cursor over different places, the popup gave a bit of a summary, and whether or not you’d been there. Now it’s just simple text stating the name of the place.

The summary is better now. Check it out.