Mark IV World War I Tank

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Need these all over EU aside Normandy area for battle to see multiple tank displays.
Needed. & for museums, Normandy does WW2

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Sorry, can’t figure out how to comment here, without it being a “reply”…
Anyway, the article is WRONG. So-called “shell shock” is NOT “the same as PTSD”.
Shell-shock is when multiple artillery explosions create strong shock and pressure waves, which cause pervasive physical body damage, especially to the nervous system, simply from the effects of energy waves travelling through the body. So-called “PTSD” is the psychological/emotional after-effects of a traumatic experience. Today, only a very few folks with PTSD have “shell-shock”, and they are all combat veterans. Most folks today who have PTSD do NOT have shell-shock…
Thanks, stephenrusell!

My comment was on the tank piece not the article IE more tanks around EU for memorials & museums thats all,

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Hi Stephenrussell ,

Totally agree about the need for more tanks in war memorials in the EU and UK both in a historic and aesthetic sense , but not in a romantic sense. In my opinion the inclusion of artifacts of the machinery of warfare in memorials actually creates a more visceral impact on the viewer.

I guess I feel that if society continues to morally and economically support large-scale mechanized warfare then it needs to be visually reminded of the destructive power that these artifacts possess to human life. I dont like the idea of these objects being stored away in private collections or made into scrap metal or whatever as I feel they need to be seen and experienced by the public.

*Not too sure if I’m making much sense with that comment so to be clear , I think these artifacts (as do all millitaria) serve an important purpose in teaching history and serving as statements against mechanized warfare.

Hi Bill_Bradford ,

Thank you for your reply,

To the best of my knowledge there is still some ambiguity about the term and quite a few psychiatrists would class them as being on a similar diagnostic spectrum, but with PTSD as a psychological trauma that can result from a wider range of life experiences and “shellshock” being a form of PTSD specific to combat experience.

However , I agree with you that the term “Shellshock” should be used with a respectful reference to the form of PTSD that is suffered by combat veterans and should not be used wily nily to describe trauma resulting from life experiences outside of the field of warfare.

If you feel that anything needs to be added to the article , please feel free to edit it as you see fit.