Maroon Bells

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From a few times in my youth. It seemed to be overly popular and crowded back then; I cannot imagine what it must be like now.

I know it is cliche, but it puzzles me that this is so popular when there are so many other equally magnificent scenes in the Rockies.

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What are some examples? I’m looking for off the beaten path things to see on my vacation this summer.

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Very good question!

On my part I love the Uncompahgre Wilderness. Also check out Ice Lake Basin in the San Juans. Chicago Basin in the San Juans is great, though I have not done it; accessible via the Durango train with multiple 14ers within reach.

I was probably too snotty. I cannot list many off the top of my head. Sorry about that.

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Not at all. I’d love to actually find less touristy places that I can visit as I drive back to Texas.

Thanks for the recommendations.

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