Martimus's Grave

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Wow. Where to begin. First of all, the horse’s name was Martimas, not Martimus, as very clearly shown in the photo of the monument. It was spelled wrong 5 out of 6 times in the article. Secondly, the quotation ends “Is it [not “sit”] folly that I hope it may be so?” Lastly, the quotation is not “stated by the horse’s famed trainer, Ed Whyte.” It’s from the writer and horseman George Whyte-Melville. And it took me about 90 seconds to find that on the internet; not a big investment of time to check a few facts.

Oh boy…do I feel embarrassed… of course it is Martimas and not Martimus (my brain must have been on vacation). I knew I shouldn’t have included my own musing about the quotation. As you say it would have taken a simple search on the internet…but having the same (un-hyphenated) last name as the trainer (what a coincidence!) Thank you for your keen eye and I have now learned a little more than I knew yesterday. Stacie

Hey @pmecml. Thanks for the catches in this place. The errors should be corrected now. And thank you again, @stacieroberts2 for adding the wonderful place. We should be all set!

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