Maryhill Museum and Stonehenge


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03/30/19 - We did not visit the museum but we spent some time walking among the Stonehenge. We arrived early but I could see this potentially getting crowded during peak times.

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Ah, Sam’s Stonehenge! Definitely not as picturesque as the weathered, natural stones of the original, but still pretty cool. Last visited it over 35 years ago when there were still a few residual hippies around who’d gather in considerable numbers on some date supposedly sacred to the ancient Druids. Believe that custom died out once it became widely known that researchers are now pretty certain the primary purpose of the original was as a celestial observatory, tracking the beginning of the seasons, etc. Of course Sam Hill had no way of knowing that, so, though following the original’s design faithfully in every other aspect, he paid no attention to its orientation re sun, moon, points on the horizon, etc. And that, of course, renders it useless as an observatory. Personally, I found the museum and grounds much more interesting anyway.

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