Mathematical Bridge

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I could not help noticing that there were “777” Posts to Facebook of this “Mathematical Bridge” Thread. “777” is an Angel Number (37 x 3 = 111) and so I was intrigued. One of my favourite Mathematical Formulas relates to Natural Log “e”, Useful to have with a "Sly Drule"made from John Napier’s old bones. John Napier was a very dear Family Friend and Neighbour of my Ancestor “The Black Earl of Southesk” who made terrible smells in the Dungeon of Kinnaird Castle, Scotland, playing with Alchemical Formulas. (Chemistry)
“e” = 2.718281828459045235360287471353…etc.
2.718281828… ,is of interest, because 48,108,777 / 177 = 271801, and as many mathematicians know, the smallest 3 x 3 Prime Number MAGIC SQUARE all adds to 177. 271801/99990 = 2.718281828182818281828182818282…etc.
Hmmm? What were John Napier and The Black Earl of Southesk up to in that Dungeon at Kinnaird Castle. 48 is an Anti-Prime, (Srinivasa Ramanujan) 108 is a Hindu Bead Abacus, (The ‘Top Eight’ beads separate from the hundred.) and 777 we have mentioned. There is far too much to say about “177” so let Wikipedia do the honours. 177 (number) - Wikipedia. ENJOY!

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I don’t understand how “…iron spikes driven into its joints gave the impression that it was built with only wood.” since the spike heads are plainly visible.