Mauritania Railway

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Wow! Has anyone done this? I’d love more first-hand info about what this experience is actually like!


Hello! I did this 20 years ago. For all it’s worth, I tried to put down in writing my experience. It’s more anecdotes than usual info, and bear in mind that I’m more a traveller than a writer. Anyway, if you’re interested, here it is: Hitchhiking Across the Sahara Desert.


This would interest me. Thanks for sharing.

Oh! Max, I can’t wait to sit down with this.

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Hi, I went on the iron ore train a year ago, see my trip report I Finally Did It: Travelling On The Infamous Iron Ore Train In Mauritania. | Travel Photography Blog by Nisa Maier and Ulli Maier.


This was an incredible read @kalahari1955! I can’t believe they dropped everything as soon as you started crying. Stress, man.

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This looks like the train in the Matthew McConaughey movie “Sahara”.

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All i can say: fantastic !

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By the way, if anyone happens to come by Nouakchott and wants to share a cup of tea, let me know.

Great story, thanks for sharing

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Wow. Are you living there now?

Yes. I’ll be here for a while. Thinking of visiting?

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It wasn’t on the top of my list, but I’ll definitely consider it now (!).

Hi @Max_Cortesi are you still in Mauritania? do you have good knowledge of the are?
would love to hear from you.


Hi Björn - Thanks for the message. Yes, I’m still in Mauritania. I’ll be leaving in a couple of months, but I’ll come back in Dec. I’m currently staying here 6 months a year. I do know the area fairly well. Are you in this part of the world? Interested in visiting?

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