Melbourne Recs (especially kid friendly!)


Hey all,

I’m helping my sis and her fam move to Melbourne next month and it will be my job to entertain her two kids for a week while she gets set up and starts work. I would love any community recs for awesome things to do in the area with two kids, and also a few recs of things to do on my own when I’m not in babysitter duty.


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The first thing that comes to mind is Luna Park in St. Kilda, about 4 miles (2.5 km) south of downtown Melbourne. It’s a nice little amusement park that the kids might enjoy. You didn’t say how old they are, but if they like science, the Scienceworks Museum in nearby Spotswood would be fun for them. They might also enjoy the Melbourne Museum just northeast of downtown.

For you, there are numerous botanical gardens and you will probably enjoy shopping at the Queen Victoria Market and the two historic shopping arcades, the Block and the Royal. There are also two beautiful cathedrals; St. Paul’s and St. Patrick’s.

I hope that’s helpful. There are many, many other cultural opportunities there. Melbourne is a beautiful, friendly city with superb public transportation. I had a great time there and I’m sure you will too.


Thank you so much Martin! These are all great tips and I’m very much looking forward to visiting.

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