Mermaid Chair

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the mermaid is very important in celtic christianity—in the mediaeval cornish mystery plays the mermaid is a symbol of the unity of god and man in jesus christ—so there is more than meets the eye in the carving on the church pew!zennor church is not far away from penzance heliport,lands end airport and st.ives railway station.

A literature connection to this Mermaid Chair, Sue Monk Kidd 's book, “The Mermaid Chair.” Referring to the book, on the Penguin Random House website it says, “Near Nelle’s home is a Benedictine monastery that houses a mysterious and beautiful chair carved with mermaids and dedicated to Saint Senara, who, legend says, was a mermaid before her conversion.” Reading about the actual chair, reminded me of this book that features a mermaid chair. Would like to see the chair in Zennor in Cornwall.