Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation & Fantasy

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To be clear, this is a rare book collection, and as such browsing is not permitted. That being said, if you would like to see something the very knowledgeable and friendly staff will literally bring every piece they have that you are interested in out of hiding and show it to you and offer fascinating details about the author and the books. Very cool spot and 12/10 staff.

Amazing, it sounds like a great visit!

The Atlas entry mentions a public reading room. Did you check that out? Was it open, intriguing?

I found it interesting, it is essentially a small study area of the library dedicated to science fiction with some truly unique pieces in cases including a very old Grimms’ folk tales book and other early editions of the most popular artists. There is also some very neat sci-fi artwork in cases. The librarians will you bring you material to peruse in the public reading room.