Meta Maze

Welcome to the Atlas Obscura Community discussion of Meta Maze in Tilburg, Netherlands. Ask questions or share travel tips, experiences, pictures, or general comments with the community. For the story behind this place, check out the Atlas Obscura entry:


We were just there last week and really loved it. It was not sleek and fancy… and that is a good thing. This was a unique experience and evoked wonder and pleasurable emotions.

Do heed the advice to dress comfortably.

Leave plenty of time around your reserved timeslot… to enjoy this experience you do not want to feel rushed. You will not enter precisely at your reserved time.

There are no cash options so be sure to bring your pin or credit card.

No devices are used in the maze.

You go in alone not with your companion(s).

The rooftop restaurant was great for chilling after and the dumplings and bites we ordered were delicious.


Thank you for sharing your experiences!