Metro Auditorio

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Interesting article, although I was a little surprised to see the author describe the British Ambassador as a "Mexican politician’. Perhaps an update to that sentence is due.

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Haha , yes , I think the British ambassador might be a little hesistant at being described as a Mexican politician.

Having said that the current prime minister of England , Boris Johnson, would certainly have no problem fitting into the corrupt eschelons of Mexico’s political elite and would probably feel very much at home among all the machiavellian despots.

Anyway, I just edited the article , hope Linkogecko doesn’t mind , its a brilliant entry otherwise.


You’ve certainly got the measure of that lying moron, but i wouldn’t wish him on Mexico, they don’t deserve that!


Oh beyond initially being in his element of institutional corruption and empty platitudes I don’t think he would last very long over there anyway. Knowing him , he would open his big mouth one too many times and prattle on about something that he shouldn’t have or promise something to the wrong person/ cartel without intending to deliver.

Then he really would end up like many a Mexican politico who makes enemies in high places , muerto , chingado etc. :skull:

Actually considering his most recent flagrant violation of democratic values that sounds like that could be quite beneficial for sustaining British democracy … So Boris , if in the slim chance you are reading this please do the UK a favour and consider embarking on a political career in Mexico.