Mexico City Guide Recommendations

Be sure to download Google Translate to your devices, especially if you don’t speak Spanish.

I’ve come across three books that will make your vacation in Mexico City terrific. I would recommend downloading them rather than lugging copies. The walking tours in Opinionated will introduce you to the width and breadth of CDMX.

(There are three books that I recommend you download to your iPad or smart phone. With these three, you will be all set:), The walking tours given in Opinionated are excellent and will reveal the city to you if you do them.

In the past, I have booked very nice cooking classes and walking food tours through the AirBnB Experiences section.

Top 10 Mexico City- DK Eyewitness Travel

This is Mexico City - Abby Clawson Low

Mexico City: An Opinionated Guide for the Curious Traveler - Jim Johnston

Also, on Facebook, I maintain a “group” that I’ve titled Jay Francis Secret Mexico City Group. It is a public group, no need to request to join. And it is here that I post interesting links for Mexico City. Additionally, feel free to go to my Facebook page and check out my photos section where I have photo albums of my trips to Mexico City, as, you may get some ideas of things to do and see.


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