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Terrific story; thanks for posting.
I’ve only seen one female Mariachi band, playing in San Diego’s Old Town. Have yet to see one in Mexico, despite many visits. Will keep looking.

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While the Mexican side of the border is home to some of the most interesting re-interpretations of traditional genres like norteño with Nortec Colectivo and 3Ball, I find it’s the Chicanos and U.S. at large that have moved post-mariachi music forward.

From Flor de Toloache (all-female and multicultural):

to the utter geekiness of Mariachi Entertainment System (MES), who are also known for their collaborations with Chicana musicians:

to, finally, Mariachi El Bronx. Also multicultural, featuring female members and a folk-punk mix equivalent to a Mexican Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys:

Cindy Shea plus Texas Tech musicology professor Lauryn Salazar–Mariachi Divas.

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I have seen the awesome Mariachi Divas performance at DCA, Anaheim, CA…