Million Dollar Point


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In addition to the amazing WWII wreckage in the area (along with the wondrously nice people and mind-bending kava), I should also add that Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, has access to the greatest intact reefs I’ve ever dived—fields and fields of them, as far as the visibility lets you see. (Though I haven’t dived the Great Barrier Reef before.)


Was any of the U.S.-made water pollution ever cleaned up?


Sorry it took me so long to reply! There were various attempts over the years to salvage material from Million Dollar Point, but not anything that one would consider a clean-up effort. After decades in a tidal, storm-swept area, certainly many of the contaminant materials down there have been swept out (where they remain in the wider ocean, just in much lower concentrations), and it’s definitely considered safe to dive there. That said, who knows what’s still down in the pile?

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