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“Some of the tattoos…sound more Brooklyn than Egypt”; what does this mean?


I think it’s very cool that what we consider to be something modern - tattoos - have been found on the mummies of women from 3,000 years ago. Funny how fashion repeats itself! I have 7 tattoos, most of them large and on the outside of my legs, and am thinking about ways to possibly preserve them when I pass away. I plan to be cremated and hate to think of them being lost forever, but having the skin removed and framed seems rather grotesque!

Professional photos of them, then high-quality prints? The actual craftsmanship might be gone, but a faithful reproduction of the image remains.

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That’s a great idea! Thanks so much for your suggestion - it sounds like the best way to preserve them. They really are beautiful. One is a nymph holding onto morning glory vines. Another is a bouquet of my favorite flowers from my garden. There is also an Art Nouveau lady in a quarter moon and the last big one is a floral design I created when I had cancer for the second time. It’s in the shape of an “S” for Survivor. All are originals from my imagination.

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