Mods still haven't approved or denied my post yet after 3+ months

I posted this entry sometime in September and it has been sitting dormant since then. Is there a way to contact the mods to see if this is going to be approved?


The best way is reply to the email you received saying ’ We received your Atlas Obscura contribution. Thanks!’ asking for an update.
This will go to the places team who will be sure to reply and check for you as sometimes places fall between the cracks.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the email as it was quite some time ago.

Personally I would email the places team with the link to the article just asking for un update in that case.

Well, a couple of places I’d submitted back around May finally got published within the last few days, so the pipeline can be pretty long–

Is there any place where I can find their email address?

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Yea you have to pester them unfortunately. I found that it it does not get accepted within a week or 2 (so you get an email saying ‘We’ve completed our initial review of “Kungens Kurva Shoppingcenter (The king’s bend mall)” and added it to our list of places to be published. Woot! Readying it for publication can still take a few weeks, and we may still have some additional questions, but you’ll hear from us again soon!’) then it’s forgotten and will not get reviewed without emailing them.

Its not the best system and I wish they would bounce back whatever they don’t think is good enough for whatever reason, give the writer a chance to update.

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I’ve had this same issue as well. I wrote up a piece about a secluded ghost town I visited. It’s been over a year, and my submission has never been reviewed. I contacted AO again a few months later, but there’s been no response. I’d love to keep writing about cool places, but I’ve decided I’m not writing anything else for AO if they can’t approve in a reasonable amount of time.


Sometimes it helps to just resubmit it as a new place, but sadly this is an issue yes. They sometimes come to our discord, so you could also join that and try. :slight_smile:

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