Monarch Butterfly Grove



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It’s important to point out that the overwintering monarch count this year was at its lowest number ever recorded, a drop of 85% from 2017 and a 90% decline from the 1980’s . Western monarchs are in jeopardy due to loss of habitat.

I would love to visit the Monarch Butterfly Grove… but we must act to preserve this beautiful creature or they won’t survive. The Xerces Society has published a Call to Action and you can read it here: The Xerces Society Western Monarch Call to Action - The Xerces Society's Action Plan


We were there for Christmas 2018. So few Monarchs to see. It was our third time visiting and it is disappointing to see the loss. That said, they have a wonderful set-up and it is still worth a visit!


We have Monarchs in New Zealand, I think they are an introduced species. People grow swan plants for the caterpillars. Some seem very tame. Can a butterfly remember somebody who handled it as a caterpillar?


That’s a great question…