Monstera Deliciosa

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You should mention that the fruit ripens from the bottom up and takes almost a year to ripen from when it first forms. The fruit is held vertically and starts to fall over as it ripens. I had two fruits this year and just finished the first one. The other is still ripening. They will ripen a couple of inches a day. I just had ten more fruits form on my M0nstera plant that was decimated by Irma but has recovered. Looking forward to next year. Patience. The fruit really is absolutely delicious.

Yes, patience is necessary when waiting for the monstera to ripen.
As is speed to get there before the squirrels start chewing on them.

I have a Monstera that got to be too big for indoors I planted outside about a decade ago. It’s now a behemoth. It gets one or two of these fruit yearly. I always assumed they were seed pods of some sort and leave them on the plant until they eventually wither away and fall off. There’s one on there now that formed this past spring. I guess I’ll bring it in and see if it ripens to the point of being edible. Seems I’ve let a lot of good eating go to waste.