Mooresville's Gravity Hill

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Tried it three times, both directions. Nothing. Google maps has it marked, and we followed the directions, both were the same spot, so we’re sure we found it, but no railroad tracks and no movement when we put our car in neutral. Oh well, it was a beautiful drive at least.

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The effect is definitely there, perhaps noticeable to some more than others. I lived in that house midway up the hill on the left in the photo in the '70s. Daily there would be any number of people ‘testing’ the hill, and I’ve done it myself.

I am highly skeptical of the ‘legend’ of the school bus and the train, though. We never heard any such story; there simply was no railroad track, or even the remains of one, “several decades ago” (when I lived there) or even back into the 1800s as far I can tell. Besides, to the south of the road (left, in the photo) is a small lake and to the north (right side of the photo) is a woods that drops down into a ravine. Just not the sort of terrain where there ever would have been a railroad.