More clarity in place status

I was looking at some of my submitted places and I noticed that there is no real difference between ones pending the initial review and those that are not on the overview screen. (Example below with 2 that are accepted and 1 that is pending.)

Would it be possible to maybe add another status, something like

  • Draft - For unsubmitted posts.
  • Pending review - For submitted places that have not been checked.
  • Pending editorial - For places that have been accepted but not edited.
  • Unpublished - For edited places waiting to go live.

Maybe you could also add some kind of button that allows users to edit/resubmit places if they have not been reviewed after a week or 2? I’ve heard people on the discord be confused with what to do if their place gets stuck in this stage.

Hope that this is useful. :slight_smile: