Morning Glory Pool

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On our first visit to Yellowstone as kids, my mother told me this was her very favorite feature in the Old Faithful area. Since then it has been fun for me to take every single person I have visited Yellowstone with to see it. Since it is a farther walk than most tourists are expecting (even though it is relatively short and entirely flat), it is a good way to leave behind the masses at Old Faithful.

Hello! Heading there next week, do you have an estimate on the walk to?

You know it has been a while, even though I have done it a bunch of times, I forget the exact distance. It cannot be more than 1-1.5 miles, though, and it is totally flat. There are plenty of geothermal features to look at on the way there, and you can add a bit of distance on the way there or back checking out more if you wish. Be sure to stay on the sidewalks/boardwalks.