Most Incredible Bridges?

I’m looking forward to walking over this suspension bridge at the Tallulah Gorge sometime this year! It’s pedestrian only and 80 feet above the bottom of the Gorge.

I live right next to the Chattahoochee River and the trails in the park are also some of my personal favorites:

(I’m under a bridge looking at a bridge!)

(I feel like this would be the perfect bridge for a troll to live under)

But the prettiest bridge I’ve seen has to be this one from the Japanese Gardens in the Golden Gate Park. You can even climb over it although it felt more like crawling for most of it the sides are so steep. Apparently the reflection in the water creates a perfect circle with the bridge? I didn’t see that but maybe I just couldn’t get in the right spot.


I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the Forth Rail Bridge crossing the Firth of Forth just outside Edinburgh in Scotland. One of the most iconic bridges in the world so I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Photo by Ross G Strachan

Photo by

Photo by George Gastin


I didn’t see anything about the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. It is an impressive structure across the New Meuse and designed by Ben van Berkel.

Photo from


The Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino, California, has some gorgeous bridges - most notably, the Moon Bridge in the Japanese Garden. The whole place is very ethereal and transcendental-you really get taken away to a different land. Love this place. Bring really, really comfy shoes and be sure to be in good walking shape, as there are over 120 acres of wonder to explore. moon%20bridge-japanese-garden


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Highway 16 Bridge that crosses the Brazos River below the Morris Sheppard Dam near Graford Texas. Intricate stonework bridge that is part of the John Graves Memorial Highway. Graves was the author of Goodbye to a River which lamented the dams being built on the Brazos. The dams drowned many of the beautiful and historic areas along its water course. The Morris Sheppard dam above the bridge was named after the Texas congressman who played a major role in passing of the Eighteenth Amendement which led to prohibition in the U.S. PK%202%20MK1_0126%20e%20mail%20


In Washington State (US), we have three floating bridges; the Governor Albert D. Rossellini Bridge (also called the Evergreen Point bridge is the longest in the world. It and another one go across Lake Washington from Seattle to Bellevue and other former bedroom communities. The third spans the Hood Canal northwest of Seattle bridging the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula.

On the other end of the successful bridge spectrum is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge just south of Seattle. It’s now a beautiful double span, but many of you know it as “Galloping Gertie” from the footage of it collapsing in 1940 (photo courtesy of the Seattle Times). I cross it twice a day from Gig Harbor to Tacoma, and the galloping part is never far from my thoughts. :slight_smile:


The Natchez Trace bridge west of Franklin, TN was an engineering marvel when it was built. There was a documentary about it. Now it is a favorite place for suicides and they are trying to figure out how to mitigate the attractiveness for jumping. natchez


Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
The Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge


Driving or walking along the top of the bridge are not very impressive. Looking up from below at the massive structure is my favorite view.

The construction site had lots of great photos. It appears to still be available here:

The photo in this post is from the May 2010 collection on this site. Credits are from this site.


Zakim Bridge Boston.


Dauphin Island, Alabama.


Lake Quinsigamond MA


I gotta admit, it set me on edge passing over it. I figured I should at least see some land somewhere.


I have a video I took driving across that bridge in WA. Probably wasn’t too bright, although it had to be done. Quite a sight.

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Northwest of Rome, but still in Lazio is the stunning medieval bridge at Vulci with Etruscan stonework at the base of the supports. A small castle overlooks the bridge and houses an Etruscan museum, since Vulci was originally the site of the ancient Etruscan city of Velzna.Vulci


wow, that is magnificent

I’ve always loved this bridge, too, but have never visited it. This bridge that when they paint it, from end to end, it takes so long that on the day they finish it’s time to start again. :slight_smile:

wow, gorgeous!

This is an absolutely beautiful bridge. Thank you for sharing. Another reason to love Charleston.

Tucson’s Rattlesnake Bridge for bikers & pedestrians has already made it to Atlas Obscura:

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I’ve always thought that 3 bridges over each other was an amazing sight!

This is the I-70 interchange with the Baltimore, MD Beltway.