Most Incredible Bridges?

Zakim Bridge Boston.


Dauphin Island, Alabama.


Lake Quinsigamond MA


I gotta admit, it set me on edge passing over it. I figured I should at least see some land somewhere.


I have a video I took driving across that bridge in WA. Probably wasn’t too bright, although it had to be done. Quite a sight.

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Northwest of Rome, but still in Lazio is the stunning medieval bridge at Vulci with Etruscan stonework at the base of the supports. A small castle overlooks the bridge and houses an Etruscan museum, since Vulci was originally the site of the ancient Etruscan city of Velzna.Vulci


wow, that is magnificent

I’ve always loved this bridge, too, but have never visited it. This bridge that when they paint it, from end to end, it takes so long that on the day they finish it’s time to start again. :slight_smile:

wow, gorgeous!

This is an absolutely beautiful bridge. Thank you for sharing. Another reason to love Charleston.

Tucson’s Rattlesnake Bridge for bikers & pedestrians has already made it to Atlas Obscura:

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I’ve always thought that 3 bridges over each other was an amazing sight!

This is the I-70 interchange with the Baltimore, MD Beltway.



Carrbridge in Scotland is really pretty! I also love iconic bridges like the Golden Gate and Sydney Harbour bridge, though. I got goosebumps when I saw the Golden Gate for the first time last year!


I prefer Beau myself…

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Seven Mile Bridge, from Miami to Key West. Not famous for soaring heights or impressive trestles, Seven Mile Bridge is just that… just miles and miles of tropical paradise.


This is not far from where I live in Fort Worth, I have been in that part before but never on HWY 16, sounds like a day road trip this summer for me just to have a look at that stone bridge. Thanks for the heads up.

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I love driving over the Coronado Bridge from San Diego to Coronado (not as good driving in the other direction). It is also beautiful to see from the left seats of an airplane when landing at nearby Lindbergh Field airport.

Last year I got to see the spectacular Storms River Bridge, Tsitsikamma National Park, South Africa (pictured)

. It crosses such a deep gorge that walking across it is a challenge for those with any fear of heights.


Wow! Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Thanks for sharing and I do love the small obscure bridges shared here.

My favourite, and you can call me biased if you like, is still the Victoria Falls Bridge straddling between Zimbabwe and Zambia - an engineering marvel, especially in 1905 when it was completed. Large pieces were built in the UK and brought in to be assembled from both sides of a 100m gorge (with the Zambezi River roaring below - known for class 5 rapids). The story of it’s construction and the little town is fascinating. Oh, and the view from the bridge is of the deep gorge below on the one side, and then part of the Victoria Falls on the other side - not bad. And if you feel like a little adrenaline rush, you can bungee jump from the middle of the bridge.


Love this bridge! If you take the dirt road (Old Coast Road) into the canyon a short distance in, you can get a wonderful view of it.

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Oh, good to know. Now just need to find an excuse to go back…