"Most wanted" or bounty board?

I know that the site has made a lot of progress in allowing stubs and making it easier to post places, but I was wondering if there was a place to just… throw ideas for places to submit? Yes it seems like I’m just asking for a way to give other people more work, but there are some places I will never get to visit and would best be handled by a local. And I’ve seen some people even say about their city “oh there’s nothing around here for me to add” and I’m like “oh ho but you’re wrong!” It would be great to just have a central repository for people to look for ideas.

Some examples:

Bliss Hill, the famous Windows XP background
Gregory Ain’s MoMA house, recently found after being “lost” for 70 years
Wink, the Jackson Heights Penguin, a statue that is often dressed for the current occasion


@lampbane thanks for this note. I wish I had a better answer for this, because it really is a good idea, but right now the best option is simply posting in this forum. In an ideal world, we’d have a robust bounty list, and as you suggest, a way to recognize the contributors who have taken an idea and turned it into a full entry.

I should note that with the app, we’ll also have an in-between solution. We’re adding the ability to submit a “Community Find”, which is just a name of the place or attraction, the location, one sentence on why it’s special, and a photograph. (Once reviewed and accepted, we’ll encourage the entire community to add to it.) It occurs to me that this would serve the purpose you suggest—it would just take a minute or two to add each one—BUT, we also do require a photograph that you took, so that would limit your ability to add places you hadn’t actually visited.

Again, though, I agree this a great idea and the right direction, and we just need to figure out how to get there.

BTW, happily, we do have one of those examples:



Hrm, don’t know why that didn’t come up the first time I looked for it.

I’ll swap that out for Villa Charlotte Brontë

Yes, that’s a great one to add—I’d like to see more on the Villa Charlotte Bronte as well.

(And sometimes our site search doesn’t work as well as it should!)

Thanks again for the suggestions, and have a great holiday weekend.

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Ha ha I might start using this thread as a scratch pad.

The Dominguez Tree, a palm that was planted in 1898 on the family-owned land that is now Disneyland, now sits outside the Jungle Cruise’s treehouse
OK Computer highway interchange, the location shown on the cover of the seminal Radiohead album


It really is a shame I no longer have my pictures from Wellington, New Zealand as it’s one of the cities for which there are most wonders that I’d be willing to add:

Then there’s the Mason Lane Steps with the video art screen, and Brown & Co. seeing as AO has a soft spot for shops with taxidermy. Although it’s been a while so quite a few of these may have changed, and they’re in full winter now… so not holding on to much hope for new additions.


Wow, lampbane! Thanks so much for the information about the Dominguez Tree! I must have seen it a hundred times, and never had any idea. Why on earth doesn’t Disneyland have a plaque there or some kind of sign telling about it?

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Iwayazuido (“Rocky Valley Tunnel”) in Kakegawa, Japan.
Toilet in Nature, a women’s bathroom in the middle of a garden
Mysterious floor tiles in Tokyo Station that mark the sites of political assassinations


The New York Times just wrote about “The Patriarch,” an olive tree that is almost two thousand years old and was recently damaged by wildfires.

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I agree with you…