Multnomah Falls

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Just curious. Is this one visible from the side of the highway. I drove through all of the columbia river gorge on the highway a while ago (it was indeed beautiful) and I was wondering if i should count this. I don’t remember stopping anywhere

4/12/19 - Because of its accessibility and easy walk, it is understandable that this was flooded with people, even on a weekday morning. The falls are indeed beautiful. I would avoid a weekend visit at all costs though.

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06/20/19 - Just an update: apparently during busier summer months the parking lot just off I-84 is gated off when it gets full. There is a shuttle system. It appears you may be able to avert having to take the shuttle if you take the side road approach from Vista House at Crown Point. In any case you will want to research and plan beforehand to avoid the frustration of having to backtrack on I-84.

You lose lots of the foot traffic if you go all the way to the top of the falls :wink: You also lose the paved trail. There is a branch trail where you can hike to the west to Wahkeena Falls, come down there, and then follow the trail along old US-30 back to Multnomah.

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They just have implemented a reservation system for visiting