Mummies in Netherlands

In a place called Wieuwerd in Friesland in northern part of Holland, one can at a small church there, see mummies in the basement of that building. Interesting story that goes with it. So next time you go visit Amsterdam …go visit outside… One place to go thus Province of Friesland…where by the way sailing is fun too! Liefs from Holland ,kitty

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Kitcat , you should definitely add this as an entry to the Atlas , it would be a brilliant addition

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Am a bit of a dummy…how does one do that.?
Or could you do that for me?
Indeed it is fun and interesting…
As is Naarden at moment with photofestival.
Just in case you happen to be in Netherlands .liefs,kit

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Just go to the Atlas Obscura mainpage then click “places” from there scroll down to the option “Add place” and you will come up with the entry form that you can fill out.

I think it would be best you did the entry as I have never been to that museum , but if you need any help let me know

Hey there! I can help you out there, was in Wiuwerd last week. The church was closed though, so no return visit for me. But I have been there before. The mummies are great. Do you have photo’s i can use? Didn’t take ones myself from inside…

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There is already an entry to the mummies: Don’t visit them on a Sunday :smiley:

Aha! Thank you for catching that @historynerdxl!

No…not right now…but soon Will be going there again and Will take Some photos to send you… [quote=“EricGrundhauser, post:7, topic:18478”]