Munich & Region Obscura?

Hi! My older teens/college age kids will be spending about a month in Munich helping their cousin this summer and will have many days or parts of them they can explore on their own. We are looking for suggestions of maybe little known/off the beaten path treasures they can visit. Looking for suggestions beyond the main sites (we spent about 3-4 days there a few years ago and hit some of those places already). They are especially into music, outdoor art, history, and outdoor activities (hike, bike, swim,…). Any tips greatly appreciated!

You’re probably well aware of this already but Bavaria (Bayern) is absolutely beautiful and there are so many wonderful places to see. I’d recommend getting up to Nuremberg (Nürnberg) if possible and venturing out to the charming towns all over the reason. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one such town, and those countryside towns are great springboards for hiking.

I also remember exploring incredible caves in ‘Franconian Switzerland’ when I was a teenager on a school exchange trip. To get to those sites is probably more of a challenge but it’s do-able if you can find a ride or a tour bus, maybe.


I grew up in Munich. One definite thing we loved to do was hang out on the river … it’s nice around Grünwald where the banks are steep (also fun to take a ride on the wooden rafts) Id recommend a day-trip to hike into the Höllentalklamm (it’s a steep one but so worth it)
Neuhausen is a nice Part of Munich with lots of Great Cafés and bars, and Sagletti ice cream parlor there is a must! I don’t even know how many flavors they have there days … 50 or so!
Another nice place to visit is Scheyern (to the North) if they have the “Kunst im Gut” event. Scheyern has a nice Monastery with a killer beer garden (great food)
The English garden is a must of course … take a blow up tube and float down the Eisenach or the canal next to it!

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Thanks for the reply! The caves sound interesting. I visited the salt mine near the Eagle’s Nest pre-kids. I bet they’d like both!

Last time we were there we spent the better part of a day in the Englischer Garten, in the beer garden, in the river, etc. I bet they will be there a lot, one of them likes to run. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips on other parts of Munich to visit, too!