Museo de Geología (Museum of the Institute of Geology)

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Hey Mario Yair ,

Brilliant post , thank you for raising awareness of this collection as it is a very undervisited place. I love this museum and remember spending a couple of afternoons here during the years I lived in Mexico city.

I was wondering, have you have making an entry for Atlas Obscura on the Aztec Stone jaguar head of the Zocalo ?

It is located on Emiliano Zapata street and is an incredible artifact that most people passing by do not notice. I’ve been meaning to write an entry on it myself but as I am no longer in Mexico perhaps you would be better placed to photograph it and document it in your writing for the site. It certainly deserves to be in the Atlas for people to read about and visit and I’m sure you could help encourage people to do this.

Here is a link about the artifact for more info :


Hi there!
Actually I have some pics about that head, but I’m not sure about how interesting it could be. I mean, there are a lot of artifacts, petroglyphs and archaeological remains in a lot of facades of Mexico City (From Xochimilco, to Azcapotzalco, through the Historic Center and Coyoacan). I guess something I can try. Let me see.

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Hi Mario ,

Personally, I definitely think it could be interesting , because its the sort of sister facade to the serpent head corner stone outside El museo del ciudad de Mexico and its as far as I know the only prehispanic representation of a jaguar adorning a building , and its Aztec which is pretty cool.

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