Museo de la Tortura

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Honestly I think these kind of museum are simply an attraction for tourists taking advantage of the famous Inquisition that the promotors of the ’ Black Legend’ used against Spain. Not everybody know that another countries like Germany or France burnt many more witches than spaniards. Toledo is a very interesting city plenty of secrets and hidden sites without the need to have the recourse of the Inquisition.

France and Germany burnt more witches, yes. The Inquisition wasn’t really about witchcraft. It was more to do with heretics and Jews. The witchcraft craze was more of a post-reformation phenomenon, and occurred more in the Protestant north.

Luis, I can see your point - I don’t think it is good to make a fettish out of torture. Furthermore, Spain also has a remarkable history of religious inclusion. And I see another side too. As an American who worries about the ugly parts of my country’s history being deliberately whitewashed, I also think that we need to be able to confront our difficult pasts. We homo sapiens certainly have a lot of acknowledging to do about our basic natures.