Museums of haunted objects in Europe?

I’m curious to hear about European museums dedicated to supposedly haunted artifacts. When googling, I have found three in England and one in Sweden (I have BTW tried to add the latter to AO, but the submission has neither been accepted or rejected). So, do you know any occult museums in Europe except for the ones listed below?

The Haunted Museum, Nottingham, England
Extraordinarium Haunted Museum, Kingston upon Hull, England
The Haunted Objects Museum, Rotherham, England
Hemsökt Museum, Borås, Sweden

Please note that I’m only interested to find out about collections of haunted objects (like the ones above) and not regular museums where hauntings happen to have been reported (like for example the British Museum).


Not 100 % sure but I think the concept of museums of haunted objects is largely a North American phenomenon.

In Europe infamous and supposedly “haunted” or “cursed” artifacts tend to be held and put on display in the larger museums like the Louvre, British museum, Ashmolean etc.

For some reason supposedly “paranormal” activity in Europe also tends to be centered less on artifacts / objects and more on actual places and sites and particularly those with sinister and bloodthirsty histories like castles, old prisons, old asylums and sites of battle and execution etc.

However, there are a number of museums that are themed on and hold artifacts relating to historical witchcraft (though the authenticity of some objects is questionable) and I can think of a number of these that exist in England (the only museum of this kind that I’ve actually visited) , Scandinavia and Spain.

Another thing worth mentioning is that there are often seasonal exhibitions at museums that delve into the history and folklore of ghosts / the supernatural and witchcraft so it always pays to keep an eye out for these.

For example, I saw a fantastic exhibition a few years ago at the Ashmolean in Oxford in the UK on witchcraft that contained some really fascinating artifacts and if I remember rightly I posted some pictures of this in the AO forum.


Thanks for a long and interesting reply! I will check the places out if/when I’m in the area. I’m very fascinated by the paranormal even though I’m usually also sceptical.


No problem and sorry about being so long winded with answering the question.

Yes, me too, I’m definitely more of a skeptic but I’m also very interested in the anthropology of the paranormal / supernatural as a psycho-social phenomenon and what it tells us about human culture / history, the mind and belief systems.

Also I guess I just find it really fun to read and learn about and on an aesthetic level love the gothic horror aspect.