Musical Highway

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01/27/2019 - I am so grateful to Atlas Obscura for alerting me to stuff like this!

This was in the wee hours of the morning on a drive from Albuquerque to Houston via Lubbock – but it was so cool I pulled over to double back and hit it twice.

You definitely need to be at 45 mph in order for it to hit the tune.

Some have apparently complained that it has run out of tune, and I suppose this is apparent, but who cares, it is still a whole lot of fun.

I tried it today (7/16/19) and even at a smooth 45, I couldn’t get it to work :frowning:

We traveled out route 66 in September and drove back east to hear the music. There was no decrease in the speed limit when the road went to undivided and there were no signs about slow down and hear the music. Caught the very tail end of the music so drove back and set cruise on 45 and then we heard it. I thought it was “BEAUTIFUL”. The main issue for me was the grooves only being across the right side of the road. It is more difficult to see the grooves at dusk, but I felt it was worth the drive back once I figured out where it was in the road and on the road. I don’t know what happened to the signs. I suppose it is like most of the route 66 signs they have been stolen. Please encourage this to be kept up.

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