Must-try Havana restaurants?

I’m traveling to Cuba soon and we’ll have some opportunities to try local restaurants and bars while we’re in Havana. What are your must-try recommendations in the $25-50/meal range (places as well as specific dishes/drinks)?

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Up for some traditional local ice cream?

Oh yes, I’ve heard about that place! I’m even willing to wait in the long lines. :wink:

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I’ve heard about this location and am so curious to know how it is -

Nazdarovie is the first and only retro-Soviet restaurant in Havana Cuba, offering authentic Russian and Ukrainian food, music and ambiance.

i went there couple years ago and loved it))) ate a lot of Russian food and listened to the stories of Russian-Cuban families:)


Up La Rampa from La Coppelia (about 1km) is Isla de la Pasta at 23rd and calle 6. Really excellent Italian food with freshly made pasta, delicious sauces and occasionally live music. An appetizer, entre, desert and a drink or two will be less than $15.

La Guarida is fancier and excellent


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