My husband and cousin are going on a whirlwind trip to Hong Kong


They’ll be there for a just a few days — what are some must-see Atlas destinations? (I am very jealous!)


This seems well worth going to if they are going to be in the Financial District or Central.


My favorite part of Hong Kong was not in Hong Kong, but just across the border in Shenzhen.

You’ll need a visa to get into China, but it is well worth it to see the tech manufacturing capital of the world!

The malls are unbelievable, and the sights there are one of a kind. I ended up staying there for two days so I could see Window of the World theme park, where you must stay for the final performance of the night, and the counterfeit art market.


Larissa: “Only a few days in Hong Kong, you say? Tell them to GTF across the border!”


Well, they were actually thinking about a Shenzhen day! So this may be what pushes them over the edge :slight_smile: