My own take on the Atlas Obscura calendar part 2 (March + April)

I bought an Atlas Obscura calendar the last two years and then I thought I’d make my own. I did a lot of research on atlas obscura, trip advisor, the atlas obscura book, the youtube channels top fives and be amazed, plus some personal experience.

Some differences between my calendar and the AO Calendar:

  1. I had a higher standard for how common a site could be (i.e. Leaning Tower of Pisa and Notre Dame Cathedral) make my list
    2 I tried to tie mine to the calendar and various holidays
    3 I try to not group regions together and keep you jumping around from day to day
    4 Still, I prefer avoiding sending tourists deep into southern hemisphere during the summer months or into the Arctic during winter months and
    5 I also accounted for when certain things like ski resorts or hot springs might be open.

Maybe I can make this calendar a reality. Let me know if you’re interested in supporting it through my patreon or just show some love for it however people do it on forums:


1 Isla del Sol, Lake Titicata, Bolivia

2 Naturall History Museum, Maputo, Mozambique

3 Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California (Original planned date for Oscars)

4 Thingvellir (First known legislature), Iceland
5 Jeju Glass Castle, Jeju Island, South Korea

6 Compass Point, Bahamas

7 Melbourne Cricket Stadium, Melbourne

8 Oregon Vortex, Gold Hill, Oregon (This is what I put for the day before my bday, bc I usually go in a dizzy spin about aging)
Oregon Vortex – Gold Hill, Oregon - Atlas Obscura

9 Berkley Springs, West Virginia (This is my birthday, so I like to do something relaxing for my bday)

10 Nintendo Headquarters, Kyoto, Japan (On birthday parties as a kid, I’d get Nintendo Games)

11 Zedekiah’s Cave (Solomon’s Tears), Jerusalem, Israel

12 Campellos, Gonzalacan, Buenos Aires, Argentina

13 Singapore International Airport

14 Menlo Park (Edison’s Lab), New Jersey (Pi Day, wanted to do something math/science related)

15 Rome Gladiator School, Rome, Italy (Ides of March)

16 Angel Falls, Venezuela

17 Famine Memorial, Dublin, Ireland (Saint Patrick’s Day)

18 Drowned Village of Villarino de Furna (Visible at Low Time), Portugal

19 Mit Ghmar Dovecotes (Pigeon Farms), Mit Ghatir, Egypt

20 Stone Town, Zanzibar

21 Sourdough Joe’s Toe Bar, Yukon Territory, Canada

22 Panal Observatory, Chile (Vernal Equinox)

23 South of the Border (best known through the accompanying signs on I-95), Hammer, South Carolina, US

24 Citadelle Laferrière, Haiti,

25 Pamukkale Water Terraces and Hot Springs, Denizli, Turkey

26 John Pennekamp Underwater St. Park, Key Largo, Florida

27 Medina at Fez, Morocco

28 St. Bernard’s Cathedral, Switzerland/Italy

29 Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida

30 Isla de los Roques, Venezuela

31 Café Zimmerman (Bach’s casual concert venue), Lipzeig, Germany (J.S. Bach’s Birthday)


1 Palocio Barolo (Modelled after the Divine Comedy), Buenos Aires, Argentina (April Fool’s Day)

2 Palmyra Ruins, Syria

3 Giants Stairway, Katoomba, Australia

4 Cantacle (Last Supper site/King David’s Tomb), Jerusalem, Israel (Easter)

5 Ubud Hanging Gardens, Indonesia

6 Monstrosity Recycled Playground, St. Louis, Missouri

7 Annual Cheese Roll Competition, Cooper’s Head, England
(A Youtube video might be better)
8 Victoria’s Castle, Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland

9 Pike’s Place Market, Seattle, Washington, USA

10 1904 World’s Fair Grounds/Jefferson Expansion Park, St Louis Missouri (1904 World’s Fair Anniversary)

11 Marble Palace Hotel, Kolkatta, India
Marble Palace – Kolkata, India - Atlas Obscura

12 Ice Breaker (Home base), Sampoo, Finland (Beginning of Arctic Tourist Season)

13 Korean Spa District, Busan, South Korea

14 Old Queenstown Port, Cobh, Ireland (Titanic Sinking Anniversary)

15 David Ben Gurion Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel (Israeli Independence Day)

16 Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, New York

17 Poveglia Plague Island (Home of Quarantine), Venice, Italy

18 Teatro Colon Opera House, Buenos Aires, Argentina

19 Earth of Seven Colors, Mauritius

20 Dickensworld Amusement Park, England

21 Cathedral of Junk, Austin, Texas, US (Wanted to contrast this with Earth Day)

22 Corcovado National Rainforest, Costa Rica (Earth Day)

23 Shakespeare’s Grave, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, UK (Shakepeare Day)

24 San Francisco Cathedral, Lima, Peru

25 Vencie Beach, Los Angeles, California

26 Canteen 19, Chernobyl, Ukraine (Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster)

27 Kentucky Daisy Memorial, Edmund, Oklahoma, US (Oklahoma Land Rush Anniversary)

28 Ambergris Caye & Belize Barrier Reef, Belize

29 Half Dome, Yosemite Nat’l Park, California

30 Whale Bone Arch, Barrow, Alaska

(Notes: The town, the northernmost in the US, recently changed its name to the indigenous version)