Mystery ceramic piece found on beach in Cancale, France

A couple years ago, I found this ceramic piece on the beach in Cancale. I have been looking for any clue to how old it might be or if it’s a part of a dish or known pattern.

Does anyone have any leads or ideas of how to track down what it is?


It looks like a delftware fragment and could be of Dutch production origin as this pottery style was prominent in the Netherlands. Maybe it was from a pitcher , jug or plate of some kind.

The quote is a French quote “obeissiance et discipline” translates as “obediance and discipline” which is quite enigmatic (Could it be some religious / moralistic allegory ?). I was looking at the details and it seems like the fragment has a woman’s long flowing hair but it is hard to make out.

No idea how old it is but I guess it could be from 18th / 19th / early 20th century maybe ?

What a treasure !


Wow, what a beautiful find!

You may have already tried this, but perhaps the sleuths over at Reddit can help; a particularly useful subreddit may be r/whatisthisthing. The internet is full of people with niche knowledge and interests, so I hope that this finds someone who can help you out!


Oh, thanks for the idea about potential Dutch origin!

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Thanks, great idea! I will cross-post to reddit.

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No problem , but I think Allisonkc is definitely right about posting this on Reddit because there will be people on there who are pottery / ceramic afficionados and the mystery will likely be solved very quickly.

But please don’t forget to post their answers on this thread once the mystery is solved as I’d be interested in finding out what this ceramic piece is from.


@Monsieur_Mictlan @allisonkc

I posted it this morning to reddit and it’s been solved! It’s the edge of an French “talking plate” from this set: Objets de vitrine/Collection | Marne Antic

Here’s the reddit post:


It looks like i’m a little late to the party, but if you need something ID’d you should try
The people on there are like the best.


Found this
On Google it’s possibly a shared from a military mess plate (not a field kit, I imagine)

Sur l’Obéissance et Diſcipline des Troupes.


Nous Ordonnons à tous Soldats, Cavaliers & Dragons, d’obéir à tous les Officiers, Marefchaux de Logis ou Sergent, tant de leur Regiment, que des autres lors qu’ils leur commanderont quelque chose pour notre service, & ce fur peine de la vic.

Tout Cavalier , Soldat & Dragon, fera obligé d’obéir fous la même peine au Brigadier ou Caporal de la Compagnie quand il luy commander quelque chose pour notre ſervice.


Les Soldats, Cavaliers & Dragons ſeront pareillement obligez d’obeir aux Brigadiers & Caporal des autres Regiment fur la mo me peine, lors qu’ils feront detachez ou de garde avec eux.


Tout Cavalier, Soldat ou Dragon, qui frapera le Brigadier ou Caporal de fa Compagnie, ou celuy qui le commandera, lors qu’il fera en détachement, fera puni de mort.

XLIII Tout Soldat, Cavalier ou Dragon, qui frapera des Marefchaux de Logis ou Sergent de quelque Corps qu’ils loient, feva puny de mort.


Tout Cavalier, Soldat, ou Dragon, qui frapera aucua Oficier de nos Troupes fera puny de mort.


Nous Ordonnons à tous Soldat, Cavalier ou Dragon, foot en garnison ou en campagne, d’obeir à tous les Officiers de ladite gar nikon, ou de l’armée, lors qu’ils leur commanderont quelque cho pour notre ſervice, fur peine de la vie. Tou-

(14) VLVI.

Toutes les fois que des Soldats, Cavaliers ou Dragons feront quelque deſordre, nous Ordonnons a tous Officiers de quelque Corps qu’ils foient, de les empefcher, de les fraper mere, s’ils le jugent à propos, ou de les faire arrêter pour être mis en priſon, & fi les Cavaliers, Soldats ou Dragons fe mettoient en posture


Aha , case closed ! Very interesting ! Interesting the 19th century millitary connection which was something I would never have remotely imagined from the fragment.

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So cool! I’m so glad you found out the pattern and the dish set!


Looks nice and strange