Mystery Hill: America's Stonehenge

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I first went to this place in New Salem, NH. over 30 years ago, when I was an Army Journalist for the nearby Fort Devens post newspaper, the first hour of which I spent in the parking lot-- my girlfriend and I chose to go on Midsummer’s, and a New England Crypto-Archeology group was having a gathering there, and folks had set up tables to show off their collections of oddities. Inside, I met the then-site archeologist, named Elmer, who kept me busy for the next couple hours, showing me around and providing me with a lot of background information. It’s a fascinating site. One might think it some sort of 18th Century Folly, the thing/place it most reminded me of was Coral Castle, FL. but there’s admittedly more antiquity to the place than that; who built it, when and why truly remain a mystery. Less than an hour’s drive from famous Revolutionary War Battlefields like Lexington and Concord, and Walden’s Pond, it’s worth a day-trip if one had a few days to spare in Boston!

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I don’t mean this as a reply to you, but just a comment.
People/historians always attribute stone works to Native Americans.
Native Americans didn’t use stone as a building material.
Native Americans are constantly telling European descendants, that these works are not theirs, yet they are never listened to. Not sure why. Logic 101. If the people you’re giving credit to, say it’s not theirs, then it isn’t. Conversation over.